Kagagi Algonquin Scripts

KAGAGI: The Animated Series was produced in three language versions; one completely in English, one that is a mixture of both languages (20% Algonquin, 80% English) and one 100% in Anishinabe, or Algonquin - see, we're learning already!
The Algonquin language versioning was a sizable undertaking and challenge. There really aren't that many Algonquin speakers left and the number is rapidly declining ever day.
That's part of why we made an Algonquin language version of Kagagi; to help provide a spark, a way for young viewers to have an entryway into the language, to help promote language awareness.

But I think we can do more. The scripts to the series can be a valuable language learning tool as well - so for the first time, I am making them available, free to the public as downloadable PDFS.

These are our actual production scripts, translated by two true heroes of Kitigan Zibi and the Algonquin language - Annette Odjick-Smith and Joan Tenasco. These two language champions stepped up, translated hundreds of pages and thousands of lines of dense dialogue and made KAGAGI possible, and for that I am forever in their debt. This would not have been possible without their tireless work in helping to keep our language and culture alive and it is my honor and pleasure to share their work with the world.

I've been asked why I'm not trying to monetize this. I get it. But at the same time- KAGAGI was, in my opinion a watershed moment for First Nations content, as far as we are aware, maybe the first ever Canadian produced, Canadian broadcast superhero television series - and the first Anishnabe superhero. I wanted to do what i could to keep the language alive using the show and character I created; to that end, I paid for all the Algonquin language versioning costs out of pocket; the translation, studio costs, cast pay - because I believe we have to give BACK.

This is also what that is. Thank you for watching the show - for supporting me and making all of this possible. Migwetch.

The scripts contain both English and corresponding Algonquin dialog so you can see actual translation beneath the English text. You can use them to follow along with the show, download them to share with your classroom if youre a teacher, or just download and read them for a glimpse behind the scenes of the show and pick up some Algonquin.

Hope you enjoy!