KAGAGI began initially as a three issue black and white mini-series Jay self published thru his Darkwing Productions banner entitled "The Raven". After publishing three issues, Jay decided to take the character over to Arcana Comics  - at that time a newcomer to the comics industry but one that had started strong, using big name talent on covers and making a lot of noise by winning a Shuster Award.

The graphic novel KAGAGI: The Raven came out a few years later; Jay had decided to tweak the character a bit, both in terms of the character's personality and look - Jay's art shifted to a more cartoony style as well as he began to grow more comfortable as a comics creator and artist overall.

The idea of moving Kagagi to film or television was always aa bit of a no brainer to Jay - film franchises like Batman and Spider-Man were taking the world by storm, yet no Canadian tv producers had any interest in attempting to develop Kagagi. Other First Nations producers said they were not interested, and one told Jay that he felt it was not a property that networks, including APTN (Aboriginal Peoples Television Network) would have any interest in.) - which Jay disbelieved.
The idea of a First Nations superhero on tv was not dead however; in addition to growing Arcana into the largest comics publisher in Canada, Sean Patrick O'Reilly had established himself as a producer with a wealth of experience and credits to his name. Together, he and Jay launched a new production company and pitched an animated Kagagi series to APTN - who LOVED the idea and got onboard to air the new series.

The 13 episode, half hour series airs Sundays at 10 AM on APTN, features 20% Algonquin dialog and music by the Juno Award winning A Tribe Called Red. http://youtu.be/4ToCb3-y0io

KAGAGI has made the leap from self published black and white series on a First Nations reserve to the television screen - and can next be found in the Arcana comic series The Intrinsic Volume 2, featuring painted covers by comics all time great, Alex Ross!

Watch KAGAGI at APTN!http://aptn.ca/fullepisodes/kagagi/
KAGAGI Original Graphic Novel: http://www.arcana.com/view_issue.php?id=269